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How to prepare Organic Manure at Home

Organic manures are natural products used by farmers to provide food for the crop plants. Organic manures are beneficial in the cultivation of crops. They increase the organic matter in the soil which in turn releases the plant food in available from the use of crops.

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Is Milk Healthy for Adults?

Many of us associate milk with our childhoods. Whether it was enjoyed over our favorite cereal before school, paired with a cookie before bed, or flavored with chocolate syrup for the ultimate slumber-party treat, milk was a daily staple. Fast forward to adulthood. Now, you seldom fill your glass, mug, or bowl with milk. That may make you wonder if milk is necessary for adults—and if you’re missing something other than the magic of childhood. Here are four reasons you may want to revisit the childhood habit of drinking milk, ideally three glasses a day, to benefit your health.

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Maize - Beans Intercrop

Smallholder farmers commonly use maize and bean intercropping to increase soil nitrogen and enhance agricultural productivity. If intercropped, the choice of the legume intercrop should be based on presence of soil and climatic conditions that meet the requirements of both maize and the legume of choice. Maize-legume systems usually produce less maize than maize monoculture but provide higher economic returns. Higher land productivity makes maize-legume systems especially suitable for smallholders. Intercropping maize with legumes also increases land utility and regulates pests.

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